an introduction


I’m a PhD candidate (ABD) in the Department of History at York University. I hope to use this website as a means of sharing my research as well as some of my other projects.

My dissertation, which is tentatively entitled ““Natural Allies”: A History of Organized Labour’s Relationship with Gay and Lesbian Movements in Ontario, 1945-2000″ examines the ways in which gay and lesbian movements in Ontario integrated organized labour into their strategies. It also explores the working-lives of post-war gay and lesbian workers and the strategies used to cope with workplace discrimination and maintain their livelihoods.

I hope to use this site to highlight some of my research and writing, as well as any pictures or ideas I come across in the process of completing my doctoral studies.


2 thoughts on “an introduction

  1. That small store was mine and we never fired Lynn because she is a lesbian,
    Today I have very good friends, I love these people, it was my husband that fired her, for other reason, I myself would love to see or hear from Lynn I miss her

    1. Hello Allie. Thank you for leaving your comment. Most of the information that I’ve found about Lyn’s case was from an interview with Lyn herself. However, it is important to acknowledge that there was some disagreement over the reason that she was fired, and that as far as I know, nothing was proven in court. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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