Speaking Event: “A Defining Moment for Gay and Lesbian Activism: Toronto in the 1970s”

Gay Picnic picture (Part of the first Pride Week events): Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives, Toronto Gay Action, Vertical File (c. 1972).

Gay Picnic, c. 1972. (Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives, Toronto Gay Action, Vertical File)

On June 10th, I will be joining Tom Hooper, a colleague of mine from York University, to give a joint talk at the North York Central Library on the history of lesbian and gay activism in Toronto in the 1970s. Our talk will focus on the concept of gay liberation and its relation to the gay and lesbian movement for human rights. In my portion of the talk, I will be highlighting some of my research on lesbian and gay activism within the labour movement, particularly within the unions representing workers in Toronto libraries.

This will be my first opportunity to present my work in a non-academic setting and I’m looking forward to it.

The North York Central Library is located at 5120 Yonge St. (Click here for directions). The event begins at 7pm and is free.

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POSTER: “A Union Issue: A Look at Gay and Lesbian Rights in the Labour Movement in Ontario”

This past week, I presented a poster at the Canadian Historical Association’s (CHA) 2014 meeting. The experience of presenting my research through a poster rather than an oral presentation was certainly an interesting one. Although preparing a visual medium through which I could present my research was definitely a challenge, having the opportunity to interact more closely with an interested public made the experience a rewarding one. In many ways, I think I preferred the experience to an oral presentation. Whereas presenting on a panel might usually allow three or four presenters to share fifteen minutes of questions and answers, a two hour poster presentation provided me with the opportunity to have much more in-depth and detailed discussions about my research with the people in attendance. Although I have always appreciated the questions and feedback I’ve received at panel presentations in the past, I found that the quality and depth of the feedback I received at the poster presentation was much greater, which made it an overall more worthwhile exercise. The poster presentations are relatively new to the CHA, and I applaud them for integrating this medium into their annual meeting.

From the moment my poster was accepted into the conference, my intention had always been to make it accessible to the public through this website. I’ve included it below in three formats. The image you see below is a JPG (click to enlarge). Also included below is a PDF version of the poster, as well as a Word document containing the text from the poster, which I handed out at the session.

A Union Issue: A Look at Gay and Lesbian Rights in the Labour Movement in Ontario

A Union Issue: A Look at Gay and Lesbian Rights in the Labour Movement in Ontario

(Click here for PDF version of the poster)
(Click here for Microsoft Word version of text from the poster)